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The Turner group investigates surface and interface mechanics problems in micro- and nano-scale systems using a combination of modeling and experiments. Surface and interface mechanics, which encompasses fracture, contact, and adhesion mechanics, plays a crucial role in determining the behavior of small-scale systems and materials with large surface area to volume to ratios. In particular, we seek to advance the performance of micro/nano-structured materials and surfaces, semiconductor manufacturing processes, and microelectronic and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

As part of this research effort, we are continually developing innovative experimental approaches to characterize the properties of interfaces and materials at small scales. Our research approach in most problems is guided by understanding of the underlying mechanics of the systems. In general, the research projects in our group involve a combination of analytical modeling, computational simulations, and experimental measurements. The experimental work capitalizes on our group’s expertise in micro- and nano-fabrication and experimental mechanics.

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